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Rachael King

Legal Practice Director / Co-Founder / Co-Owner

Rachael embarked on her legal journey at the University of Notre Dame in 2009, bravely pursuing her Bachelor of Laws while expecting her first child. In 2016, she was admitted as a Lawyer in the Supreme Court of Western Australia, marking the beginning of her impactful career in law.


Rachael’s dedication to her craft led her to further her expertise. In 2019, she completed her Masters of Applied Law (Family Law) with the College of Law, honing her skills in this specialized field. Before her legal career, Rachael earned a degree in Psychology and delved into Social Work. Her experience as a Social Worker provides her with a unique perspective, enhancing her ability to connect with clients on a deeper level.


With a heart committed to her clients, Rachael is known for her empathy and unwavering support. She specializes in handling delicate family violence matters with the utmost care, ensuring her clients navigate these challenges with sensitivity and respect.


Rachael’s reputation extends beyond her empathy; she is recognized as a determined advocate. In the realm of Family Law, she excels in resolving complex issues, including international relocation, appeals, spousal maintenance, Binding Financial Agreements, surrogacy, and grandparent cases. As an experienced litigator and negotiator, Rachael tirelessly strives for her clients, aiding them in achieving fair and just resolutions in both property and parenting matters.


Drawing from her own experience as a single parent, Rachael understands the importance of fostering effective co-parenting relationships. She is deeply committed to ensuring her clients receive equitable property settlements, safeguarding their financial futures.


Outside the courtroom, Rachael is a devoted mother to two children who share her love for the beach and cherished moments with extended family. Her interests include immersing herself in books, exploring new destinations, and cherishing time with her friends. If you are seeking an experienced, dedicated, and compassionate lawyer to guide you through the Family Law process, Rachael is here for you.

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